Questions about buying Watercooling Parts

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First of all. Hello and thank you for letting me be part of this forum ;).

Now. I'm not totally new to the modding community and I've built a couple of low end and ... well somewhat high end PC's. So I've accumulated some money and wanted to spend it on watercooling. The thing is I'm kind of scared of it. So my questions are a) Should I buy a kit or separate parts. b) Where do I get these kits or parts c) Which parts do I have to get d) how do I choose what thickness of tubing to use e) How do I know which fittings and nozzles to choose. f) How much tubing should I buy.

ATM my rig is
Obsidian 800d Case
EVGA x58 FTW3 Motherboard
6 GB of GSkill Ram
2x 300GB velociraptor 10000 RPM Hard Drives
Itel Core i7 930
ATI Radeon 4870x2 ( I will upgrade this to a 5870 )

Lots of questions but I hope you'll answer them all.
Thank you. (:

Newbie ! :P

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If you're inexperienced with custom watercooling then buy a closed-loop watercooling kit like the Corsair H50. But your case would be perfect for custom watercooling.

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Well I know that I'm inexperienced with watercooling but I want to get into it and put it in my case. I love to take risks. And I already have the H50 from corsair.

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Don't buy a kit. Buy separate components. A good loop with fittings, rad, water block, etc will run about $300 to $400 US. Don't buy any of the premixed coolants, distilled water and pt nuke are prefect. Don't bother with cooling your mobo or ram. You can cool your 4870, but since you are buying a 5870, I'd wait for that.

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you'll be fine just make sure to use O rings on your barbs and clamps very tight and test for leaks for hours before giving pc ANY power :]

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Wow. That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much !
I will start with just a CPU block loop. I'm looking at 3/8 " Tubing in orange :). I basically selected parts but I don't want to order them yet because I don't know if i selected anything that won't work or forgot some compression fittings. Would be nice if you guys could look it over.
Thanks again.