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starting to oc and have a couple questions. first off here is the setup

q9300 (333x7.5) stock

(400x7.5= 3000) currently

790i ultra mb

4gb DDR3 1800 (PC3 14400)

question 1

if i leave my ram on auto in bios 1333 and run the fsb at 1600 (400x4) i result in a 6:10 ratio. which memory benchmarks show is a greater performer than if i were to run my ram at 800 which would be a 1:1 ratio(but better timings this way). Is it okay to leave it a 6:10. its an average of almost 8% increase.

second question.

i thought the memory was only as fast as the fsb wall am i mistaken?

and lastly

if my ram is rated at 1800 shouldnt my max speed i can set in the bios be 900. But by default it sets it to 1333 and wouldnt that mean i was running 2666?

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1. A FSB of 1600 with a RAM of 800 is not 1:1.  Anyway, better timings tend to help more real world performance than higher MHz.

2. You are correct.  Also consider that dual channel doubles the memory performance, but not FSB performance.

3. The motherboard's default settings for RAM are simply what the motherboard KNOWS will work... not the bleeding edge of performance.  With dual channel, 1333 doesn't become 2666MHz, but it is just as fast as single channel 2666MHz (in terms of memory bandwidth... not latency).

If you don't understand what Dual Channel means, it's when you're using a set of equally sized sticks in the motherboard, and the motherboard splits each file in half so that each RAM stick has only half a file to read, which means it takes half the time (and effectively works twice as quickly in terms of outright memory bandwidth... but not latency).

Lastly, in the future, please make more descriptive titles for your threads.

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what is cpu stepping and what cpu for 1366LGA to get for overclocking for core i7

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is this a good temp for my cpu 40c and at load 71c