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hey guys i'm new here but read some of the posts here and i thought you guys could help me.

ok so i got the q8200 stock 2.33GHz and have overclocked it to 3.15GHz so far but know it could go higher.

the temps are idle 35c and 45 load

i have the nforce 790i ultra sli motherboard so i put the FSB at 1800 from 1333 and the memory at 1600 from 1333
the voltages are:
cpu core= 1.39375
cpu FSB= 1.35
memory= 1.650
spp= 1.45
mcp= 1.600

when i put the FSB up above 1800 the computer boots fine but under load it freezes
any help??

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hmm im not that much into overclocking, espessialy on 775 cpu's.
But freezing sounds like too high of a clock / too low voltage.

Anyone aggrees?

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bios option loadline calibration?

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Im gonna go ahead and say that the motherboard it stoping you a bit, do you have good cooling on the cpu aswell as good airflow in the rest of the pc? Also what PSU are you currently using?

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