Phenom II X6 1045T Overclocking

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I started this build in 2010 with a dual core Phenom II 555 (black edition i unlocked to a 4core and overclocked to 4GHz stable) but after seeing Microcenter selling a 6 core for $90 I had to upgrade. So now running this setup:

Phenom II X6 1045T (stock is 2.7GHz, I'm cooling on a Corsair H50)
Asus M4A87TD EVO motherboard
8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
Radeon 5750 from XFX
Corsair GS700 PSU
120GB SSD bootdrive
720GB storage drive
Zalman Z9 Case

Anyways getting into overclocking mode I got this CPU to 3.7GHz stable. All I had to do was boost the CPU core from the stock to a max of 1.45 (yeah its a bit much but the H50 cools nicely)
I have to run the RAM at 1333 because for some reason this kit won't run stable at 1600 even though it is advertised to but I rather deal with it rather then RMA it. (RAM voltage increased to 1.65)

I keep wanting to have this CPU hit 4GHz so every day I'm coming up with new ideas on how. I actually got it to boot into Windows by taking my CPU, NB, RAM, and someothervoltage settings and bumping them up all a pretty high amount and the second I started Prime95 system crashed. The biggest problem with this chip is that the CPU multiplier is locked so I have a 13.5 multiplier and have to hit the bus speed to 300 if I want 4GHz which is NOT HAPPENING.

If microcenter was selling the 1055 with a 14.0 multiplyer I KNOW i woulda hit 4GHz by now. I was talking to this one guy with the 1045T and he said he hit 3.8GHz on stock voltage which is insane if you ask me I'm not sure I believe it.

But anyways current CPU settings

Core speed: 3.7GHz
Multiplier: 13.5
Bus Speed: 275
HT Link: 1900
NB: 1900
RAM: 1100 ( If I want to run one up its freaking 1500 which is not gonna fly with this set...highly thinking of replacing)

If anyone is able to recreate these results or through some type of magic get to 4GHz with this chip, please let know.

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Increase the voltage level more? You may just be out of luck and will have to buy a new CPU that allows you to goto 4.0GHz

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well at bus speed of 240 your 1333 RAM is performing at 1600, and you are needing it to go 300 on the bus, so ... Maybe detune the ram even further. Also stock voltages should be ok on the cpu because some people have successfully under-volted the phenoms at milder clock speeds. Mine is a 1090T and both the multiplier and the clock are unlocked, so 4 GHz on big air cooling is still fairly quiet.

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What are you cooling your Voltage Regulators with?

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8 months later, were you ever able to get the 1045T to 4.0GHz?