Overheating GPU's Solved...

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Hi there, I have got hold of a second GTX280 a few weeks ago, and jammed it in my rig for some SLI gaming pleasure. My frame rates had increased, but so had the heat of both cards. They seemed to be getting up to about 86-87c then the game (Arma 2 OA, Crysis, or even X3 The Reunion, FSX - it doesnt matter which type of game) stoped working. I either then got to keep a working desktop, or the whole comp froze.

System Specs:
CPU: Intel Q9650 Quad @3600Mhz Water cooled.
GPU: 2x GTX280 in SLI.(Destroying the planet)
RAM: 8Gb DDR3 1600Mhz
MB: Asus Striker II Extreme.
HDD: 3x WD Raptors (1 as system Drive - 2 as seperate games drives [for some reason they wont RAID anymore :( ]) + 2x 500Gb Storage drives.
OS: Win7 64Bit SP1.

I decided to clean the accumulated gunk out of both cards and reapply thermal paste/pads. It took ages to get one of the screws off the end plate of one of my GPU's and I stripped the screw head! So a quick slash with the Dremel and a flathead screwdriver later all was done! (Risky I know!!)

The whole operation took about 4 hours as I was doing one card at a time, and keeping the other in the rig to watch TV - I like to multitask!!

Here's a quick shot of the temps...



I also swapped them around so that the HOT HOT HOT one is now at the top in cooler air.

Here is the final FurMark video showing a pretty good result for all my efforts...

I also added a third 74Gb Raptor, a BD Drive, and a second 22" monitor...

Have fun all,
Brian :)

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