Overclocking Q6600

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This is my 1st ever overclock so I'm a noob at this.

Since i've got the P5N32-E SLI board i've read it does not do well in overclocking quads past 2.8mhz so as a first attempt I've clocked it to 2.7 (1200 FSB).
No voltage changes have been made everything is set to Auto. Fired up my PC and everything seems fine until i start CoreTemp and i see my idle temps are around 40-45+/- and i barely overclocked it.
I ran Prime95 for about 1 and a half hours now and here are the temps.
Also one thing to note I've ran Prime95 with 4 workers and Worker#1 failed the 1st test pretty soon after starting the test.

Any ideas on whats happening here?

my specs

4GB 800Mhz 5-5-5-18
Q6600 G0
Win 7 64bit
MaxOrb CPU cooler
BIOS Version 1205

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Temps look fine, looks like you have some room to push it further. The hardware failure you are getting is because of instability, try raising the Vcore a bit and test again.

When temps are becoming a problem before the board is maxed out you can look into a better aircooler, like the Noctua, a TRUE/Venomous x or a Megahalems.

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According to Intel, "G0 steppings" max temp is 71°C, so keep that in mind. I personally suggest to keep the temps under 60 @ all times; load or idle. It might be the time to upgrade that CPU cooler of yours.


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Kedren Aderac, you do know that he's been running that system for over 7 months, right?

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