Overclocking i5 2500k

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hey guys,

im soon getting my new gaming pc with i5 2500k. im wondering what performance can i get at 4.6 ghz, would it be about 1.5x better? and im planning on getting the coolermaster hyper 212 evo cpu cooler, would that be enough?

any advice would be greatly appreciated, cheers :D

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would thermaltake contac 29 be good?

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I suggest going with liquid cooling.

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It would do an ok good, but I'd also recommend liquid cooling, an ALC like the Antec KÜHLER H2O 920, Corsair H20, etc..

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go for a good air cooler like the noctua d14 or the thermaltake silver arrow or go for a closed loop cooler like the corsair h80 or an antec one whichever path you choose it will be great!

edit: to answer your original question the coolermaster hyper 212 evo would do a perfect job also. my friend has a 2500k at 4.5 ghz and its running cool and stable.

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I suggest a Liquid cooler as well. Sandy Bridge runs a bit hot regardless. As well as going with a Push pull if possible.