Overclocking with Asus Rampage Formula

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I want to learn how to overclock in order to get the most out of my system and keep it stable.

I have just started and need some guidance.

At this point I have increased my Q6600 from 2.4Ghz (stock) to 3Ghz by upping the FSB to 333.

I try to keep Ram just under 1100mhz. "4GB G.Skill DDR2 PC2-8800 TT (1100MHz)"

My system is:

Asus Rampage Formula
4GB G.Skill DDR2 PC2-8800 TT (1100MHz)
2 x sapphire 1GB 4870's in crossfire
1 TB samsung hard drive
Nexus 850w RX8500psu
Thermalright AXP 140 cpu cooler
Vista 64 Home premium

I have had this system for a couple of years and think it’s about time to get the most out of it.

I want to improve its gaming capabilities.

What should I look at next in terms of tweaking? Because I am confused about the voltages the rest of ram settings etc + GPU tweaking.