Is this normal? One of my cpu core temperature is cooler than my room temperature.

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I'm not sure why one of my cpu core is cooler than my room temperature. One of the core is 18 degree Celsius while my room temperature is 20 degree Celsius. Is this normal for most intel core i7 970? I'm using Corsair H50 as a cpu cooler. Here's my screen shot below.

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That's odd but I wouldn't worry about it. Lower temperatures are welcome. Usually watercooling cannot get temps below ambient.

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i overclock my amd 1055t @ 3.7ghz the temp is 53c is that good and can i overclock it some more im watercooling it

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The CPU temperature reported by your motherboard is far from accurate. For modern Intel processors there is a specific value inside the CPU that the monitor software reads. This is subtracted from a Maximum Temp value for your CPU called TjMax. The resulting number is an approximation of the CPU temperature in degrees Celsius.

The tricky part is that TjMax is can be different for each CPU. Mine is 98 (Intel I7-2600K). Others may be 90,100 and 110. To complicate things that value that gets read (call it distance to TxMax) is not exactly in degrees Celsius. It is a value between 0 and TjMax. The lower the number, the hotter the CPU, they Higher, the cooler. You temperature is calculated as TjMax - distance_to_TjMax. If your TjMax happens to be 100, then your temperature will map pretty close to degrees C. If you are American all you need do is convert that to Fahrenheit.

That was the simple explanation. The reality can be a little more complicated (i.e. each core has its own TjMax and TjMax is not always the same from processor-to=-processor or even core-to-core).


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Yeah, it is impossible for your CPU to be cooler than the air that is cooling it, unless you are using a water chilling cooling rig or a TEC-based rig. The chip values can be read, just find the correct program to do so, and you will see a BIG increase in temps.

I've never seen a COOL i7 (turned on, anyway). Not in the series. Those buggers are hot!

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