New to watercooling.

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Hi, i'm an amateur when it comes to water cooling, so much so that i installed my first water cooling loop only 3 days ago using the Thermaltake Bigwater 770.

Avg. temps have been as follows ;


Core 0 : 21C
Core 1 : 21C
Core 2 : 17C
Core 3 : 18C

Full Load

Core 0: 45C
Core 1: 45C
Core 2: 40C
Core 3: 41C

This has been a surprisingly big difference from my thermalright Ultra 120, particularly the idle  temps.

My question is : I'm planning on upgrading my graphics card to a 5870 or possibly 5970 within the next month or so, will the radiator and pump be able to take the heat if i installed a waterblock to the new GPU? And how much temperature difference could i expect in the GPU and what would the affect be on the CPU ?

I do apologize if any similar question has been asked but I could not find one.

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your going to need a bigger radiator if your going to add a high powered video card into that loop.

you need atleast a double 120mm radiator or if your using the 5970 i would play it safe with a triple 120mm radiator like these: