Is my q9300 rig running high temps?

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Hi, this has been bothering me now for some time as no matter what I try and do my core temps always seem high.

My cpu is a q9300 running at 3.1Ghz and core temps are 40,37,42,42C idle and 58C,56,63,58C (using coretemp) on 100% for 11 hours using prime95 though at stock my temps are only a couple degrees lower.

Room Temp is always between 21-23C

Rest of of rig is:
xfx780i motherboard
4gb kingston hyper x ram (want to increase to 8gb)
gtx295 graphics card and 9600gt for physx.
4x Hdd 1x160gb, 1x360gb 2x500gb

Eco ALC CPU cooler
4x Zalman zm f3 120mm Fans (2x push/pull on radiator exhausting at back. 2x exhausting at top)
Eco alc 120mm fan intake from bottom of case.

With my current setup would there be anyway to get my system cooler or do you think my temperatures are ok?

I don't mind adding to the system so long as its not too expensive

Thank you so much in advance if you can help me out with this :-)

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I think you just need to reapply it with an after market thermal grease, use a good brand like tuniq tx-2 or gelid gc extreme.

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Nothing to worry about, I'd say you even have some headroom and can push the clocks a bit further. Remember that prime95 is a stresstest and normal applications will never stress it enough to reach that temp.