LiQuid Cooling VS Air Cooling

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In my time of looking for new specs for my new build, ive seen some "BIG ASS" AIR COOLERS and some off the charts Liquid coolers, but do Air coolers compare/rival Liquid cooling like Corsairs H70 and Coolit's Vantage?

We all know that Waterblk cooling Pwns all, but which of those 2 would u chose if Water cooling was out of the Question?

im having a hard time chosing

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i overclock my amd 1055t @ 3.7ghz the temp is (LOW 27C)(HIGH 71c) is that good and can i overclock it some more im watercooling it

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I would choose the h70 because of Corsair's amazing support and quality of their products. The Vantage would be nice to have too. I do not like how the cpu block is so big.

If your case does not have a window, then the display on the Vantage wouldn't be as useful.


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As for your initial question, a high-end aircooler can surely compare to one of those closed-loop "watercoolers" and may even beat it in cooling performance, but the larger heatsink (and optional additional fans) takes up much more space inside your case, and may also produce more noise if you add those additional fans.

It's liquid cooling for the simple man; a big enthusiast air-cooler will beat it, and a custom liquid cooling loop will beat it even more. I think a closed-loop kit is a nice solution when you need some extra cooling but don't have the space for a large heatsink and don't want to go the full-blown-watercooling-route. And out of those two, I'd get the H70.