Laptop overcloak(3Ghz and going up)

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I recently bought this laptop off of iBuypower, and since then its been good to me. But iv'e decided to do an expiriment with it.... Overcloaking!

Laptops normaly gpet really hot and melt and stuff i guess, this one is made outa alluminum and takes the heat like a man. so far i'm at a o/c of 3ghz from 2.53 and only at 60 degrees while on my lap(running stress test 30 mins now)
Should i go higher or benchmark now, also how much life does overcloaking take off a laptop? I also want to overcloak my video card, its a gts 160m, very good.


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You overclocking it with software?

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I think he's not properly overclocking the CPU through the BIOS. Getting 500Mhz out of standard cooling is hard even on a desktop. See if benchmarking shows any improvement, because I doubt it. (I love you're description on how your laptop handles the heat though :P)

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Actully, the ram is a regular DDR3 1066, and with the overcloak it's approx. DDR3 1333.

Also PCmark tell me that i have a 15% improvment on ram and about 17 with cpu. If you want proof, pm me.

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revert back to stock. Overclocking is not a good idea with a laptop. Thats asking for trouble.

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I agree with the above comment laptops arent made for overclocking and forsay you were to overclock, tweak it for better cooling such as changing thermal paste and clearing way for the airflow and so on though 60C isnt that much i wouldnt wanna go higher and if the laptop breaks you wont get a new one through warrenty

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