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I have my rig since december 2008 and I just bought the new H50 corsair water cooling which is prety nice ( yes.. I was still using intel stock =P)

corsair hx1000w
p6t deluxe
ddr3 1600 g.skill 9-9-9-24
x2 gtx260
cooler master 830re Case

I had no problem at all to hit 3.5ghz at ( 55-60C on prime test after 4 hours )
x21 multiplier ( turbo mode,ht on )
167 bclk
1.2cpu volt
x8 ddr3 frenquency
everything else auto

I tried to hit 3.8, it seemed fine for a while (75c on prime) but I couldn't boot yesterday.. overclock failed, hopefuly I got it back to 3.5)
x20 multiplier (no turbomode/EIST, HT on)
190 bclk
x8 ddr3 (1523)
1.35 cpuv
1.88 cpu pll v
1.35 qpi/dram v
everything else auto

any suggestion on how to get to 3.8 (It's my first time overclocking) maybe I shouldnt push my chip that high since it's one of the first version( c0 I assume). Also since I have 4 side fans 120 on the side, should i throw the air away from the back with the push/pull h50 ( they recommended pushing the air in the case )

thank you!

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the best option is increasing you vcore voltages but it's not good to go over 65c unless your voltages are as low as it can go

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After reading a bit about the c0 i920 chip, I tried 3.8 again but with a x19multiplier


1.35vcore/1.88 pll


after 1 hour of prime, the max was 72c, should I downclock it to 3.5 if I want my chip to live for another  year or two? :P


thanks for the reply btw ^^