I7 860 Cooler

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Hey guys,I need a decent air cooler that will keep my i7 860 very cool even overclocked to say 3.6-3.8Ghz.

I currently have a CoolIT Eco on my stock i7 860 but im not impressed at all.

My Cpu Idles around 25c-30c on the 4 cores which isnt bad for idle...but when i run prime95 for about 2 mins it hits 75-80c which is too high,The CoolIT simply cannot handle it even though my i7 is stock when tested on full load :mad:

My max budget is £55 Uk pounds
Currency converted thats----
($85 USD)
($86 CAD)
($85 AUD)
(€64 EUR)

Please tell me whats the best cooler i can get for that budget.

Also just incase you need to know,My case is a Coolermaster CM690.

Id like to get a cooler on Order either today or tommorow so your suggestions are really appreciated.
Many thanks.

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This is a few bucks over your budget but the Noctua NH-D14 will be your best bet...and yes it will fit in your case.