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Im looking at getting either a Coolermaster Hyper 212+ or a Ultra ChillTec Black Im going to get the Chilltec once I can determined of exactly it determines the safe operating temps of the CPU because Im going with AMD and they run cooler than Intel otherwise Im going to scrap that Idea and go with my original plan that I can afford now the Hyper 212+. Can some please explain to me how the chilltec determines what chip you have?

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First of all i would read the reviews to see what other people said about the Ultra Chilltec Black and the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ and do a lot of research on both CPU Coolers. It also depends on how much money you want to spend on the CPU Cooler its self. If your gonna do some over clocking I would go water cooling just to be sure your CPU doesn't over heat as easily and you might be able to get a higher clock. So depending if you do overclock your CPU, make sure you have good air flow inside your case as Rodney would say.

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Well like i said I can afford the $30-40 it would take me nearly til july to scrap together $400-$500 for water cooling which is just a bad idea financially for me I make less than $15k a year. My real interest is in the Ultra Chilltec Black however i cannot find anyone on the internet that knows much more about it than I already do. I would like to know how it knows what your cpus max safe temp is my AMD is rated for 62degrees Celsius while Intel chips are much higher 90s i think I could get $120 scrapped together by maybe late February to mid March and the H50 is not an option in opinion either because I can not think of a logical mount position in my case. I am trying to get the best cost to value cpu cooler i can find. what is 5-7% ocing versus 10-12% is the 5% increase worth more than 2x cost for a high end air cooler (just guessing on %s) Im just trying to get best bang for the buck

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Well I just bought new cooler.....the CM 212+

Been looking for a cooler since i built my new rig in summer ...q6600

anyways to let u know this cooler will perform well witht he lower TDP chips....its when u havew the high TDP ones (i7 920 etc etc ) that this cooler loses ground and ones liek megahalem and similar ones start workign their magic.....but they cost 70-90 for just a heatsink and no fan.

The reviews for the CM212+ looked good and it performed very similar to the expensive heatsinks...until it went extreme.

I JUST bought this cooler thurday (comin in the mail) ig ot it from BESTDIRECT.CA

I was able to get the CM212+ and 2 R4 Coolmaster (90cfm 2000rpm) fan for around 42 bucks......what a god damn deal I tell you hahah

22 for the CM and 550 each for the fans i was shocked to find it that cheap everywhere elese ti was at least 30 35 for the CM and 12 for the fans

do it up you sont regret it for 40 bucks and if u dont liek it sell it and u make ur money back haha.

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i say: get the CoolerMaster HyperN520. its a great cooler for the price and its almost as good as the CoolerMaster V8 wich is considered one of the best coolers for under 50$!
i mean the HyperN520 is really good for its price and its alot better then the 212, dosen't cost more then the 212 by much so i gusse its in your budget!

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I have a Zalman CNPS 9500AT and it does the job very well, not too expensive and excellent cooling, my cpu never gets above 60c

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better and cheaper cooler i never had : OCZ vendetta 2...
( i buy it for 3 $ at the boxing day ...)

cool down any cpu ... normal price is about 50$$

my 7750 Kuma @ 3.4ghz never go over 45-55...