HD 5970 Fan rattle

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Whoopie! my HD 5970 fan is making this "awesome" rattling sound. and I cant make it stop -.-

it started 18 days ago, and then I managed to halt it by opening it and blowing at it. then closing it again. didnt use a proper small screwdriver, so a few of the screws lost its teeth.

now its back and i cba to go through it again. I have ordered an Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 5970 today.

the problem is, it doesnt come with its own set of screws...

So I have to go through the pain of trying to get off the bad screws and put them onto the new cooler. thats something I really dont want to do!

Do anyone know where I could get a hold of new screws for my MSI Radeon HD 5970? (the screws that hold the cooler module fastened to the VGA)

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like here you dont really need the same screws any that fit will do really like putting rounded tips to mine it makes it look more "buff" like rugged if that makes any sense