Galaxy GTX 680 4 GB RAM Waterblock?

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Ok, so I am inevitably going to make my entire computer water cooled (CPU, GPU, Motherboard, etc). Overkill, but it's my project.

Now, I want the Galaxy GTX 680 GC 4 GB edition because apparently, according to many reviewers, this non-reference card is a major improvement over the reference design. A longer PCB with more Voltage Regulators means better power which means better overclocks.

The problem is that no one makes a waterblock for this design. EKWB (Great brand btw), makes many non-reference waterblocks for Graphics cards. They have many for cards such as the EVGA GTX 680 FTW edition, MSI Lightning GTX 680, ASUS Direct II GTX 680, etc etc.

Well, they don't make one for this particular card either. However, the PCB design for the ASUS GTX 680 is similar in relation to where the RAM, and Voltage Regulators are (the things that need cooling). The screw holes, not so much. Pictures to compare below.


Galaxy GTX 680 PCB

ASUS GTX 680 Waterblock

The only difference I see that might matter is the heatsink and the lack of two screw holes right about where that heatsink is. There are a few other minor differences, but those will not affect cooling imo as they don't appear to interfere with the waterblock due to height either.

The only real problem might be the lack of the two screws holding onto the PCB.

This all leads me to my question: Does anyone else see any other problems beside what I noted? And, does anyone know a way to make this waterblock work better for this specific card?

Note: The "standoff" looking parts on the waterblock are easily removable, so I can do that if necessary to keep random metal pieces from touching the circuitry.

Edit: After further inspection, I realized that only 4 of the screw holes line up for the PCB (the 4 directly around the GPU). I'm not sure if that would be an overly large problem. Though I'm not sure if there is a way I could fix it. One way I can imagine would be to have something to screw into the waterblock where a hole was missing as a sort of placeholder and have that attached to the PCB with industrial Velcro. It wouldn't be as good as a screw, but it would be better than nothing imo.