EVGA GTX 275 Overclock Advice

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Trying my first GPU overclock with the GTX 275 I just picked up the other day. From what I've read, and put together on my own, this is how I'm going to go about getting the highest, stable OC:

Please critique:

1. Get Furmark up and running in a 640x480, windowed-mode stability test.

2. I'll be using the EVGA Precision Program... starting with the core clock I'll increase it by 10 until I lock or get any artifacts. Then reduce by 25MHz from that point and call that my max core clock.

3. Memory is next. Same process, but I've read that it's recommended to reduce more along the lines of 25-50MHz from the instability point.

4. The Shader is linked to the core clock, but I can disable it and tune it myself. Should I?

Ok guys, what else am I missing or need to tweak? Excited about the process, just don't want to do anything stupid.

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The way I found my most stable overclock on my nvidia card was thru folding @home. Folding maxes out the heat on my card, more than any game/benchmark can and if you get the unstable machine error your overclock is to high. Been folding 24/7 for 6 months on the gpu with a 25% overclock with no issues. I also know it is the highest I can get it, it runs everthing fine right now but if I push it higher problems happen.


hi.how did you get it to power your video card? i have the same combonation (VGA+PSU) and it wont turn on