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Hi again,

I get a error saying "A required .DLL file, EKC3220.DLL,was not found.", whenever I try to run GPU bench-marking and stress testing programs like 3DMark Ventage (I am currently testing a 5-years old video card), anyone knows how to fix this???? Really appreciate for your time.

My Build:
Case: Xigmatek Asgard Pro Black Edition Motherboard: AsRock Z77 Extreme 4
CPU: Intel 3rd Generation i5-3570 @ 4.2 Ghz Graphics Card: Asus HD 7770 1 GB GDDR5
RAM: Adata 4GB DDR3 1333 X 2

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Try uninstalling your video card drivers, reboot and install the latest video card drivers.

Rodney Reynolds,