Do some one have Arctic Cooling Freezer Extreme Rev.2?

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Is Arctic Cooling Freezer Extreme Rev.2 cooler good as it say? Can some one do a review vid on it? In how quit is the cooler, temp, cost etc. many thanks ^^

Srdjan MMPC
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It is not that good, I tested it have much better options in its price range. Can you give suggestions just tell how much money would you give?

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Depends on what you are looking to cool, My one iv had for a while now its been on a Pentium D 925+ and a Core 2 quad q8400 while Oc'd It was doing quite well until recently, were iv run into some problems with my rig, however, i will say, for the price it is no longer worth it, there are FAAAARRR better options out htere