Core i3 530 overclock help

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(Case:CM 690[old and stock] , board:Asus p7p55d, air cooler: CM hyper 212 plus, CPU: core i3 530 base @2.93Ghz)
i saw some ppl even overclock core i3 to 4.5Ghz :-D on the yTUBE
i changed from stock to "cooler master Hyper 212 PLUS"
on stock i was able to overclock the cpu to 3.22Ghz and now on hyper 212 plus i am only able to go till 3.44 Ghz

*i m new to overclocing i use asus software to overclock!
*i tried to overclock thru bios but result was the same 3.46 Ghz

can it b taken further clocked??
is there a difference betwen software overclock n bios overclock??
or hyper 212cant take it further

Core i3 530
xfx gts 250
kingston 2g 1333 mhz
corsair 550w