Cooling problems with newly cleaned rig!

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Hi there Guys, I have a problem with my rig that only started after I cleaned out my system of dust, A full Clean, with Isoprople alcohol, Now Pre Clean, My system would idle at no load at a nice 30Degrees Celsius on all cores +/- 1 or 2 degrees, now after I cleaned up the mobo + Cpu + Heat sink , I reassembled everything with new arctic silver 5 thermal paste between the heat sink and the cpu, I then fired her up and everything seamed to be running well and stable until i got into windows and opened up real-temp, and found out the cpu was idling at 100 Degrees Celsius, I then switched off immediately and let the heat sink cool down so i could re apply the thermal paste and reseat the heat sink, I then made sure it was all secure, and found that the Cpu sill has been idling fairly high, so reseated the Hs and re applied the Thermal paste again, to no avail the temp has not come down from 40 degrees idle and on load it jumps in milli seconds to above 71 degrees ( using prime95 ) which is very annoying, its running stock clock at the moment, and does not matter if i Oc it as i get the same temps, so I put this out to you guys What should I do??

My Rig is
Case : coolermaster cm690 II advanced
Mobo : Asus P5q Pro Turbo
Ram : Corsair ddr2 800
Cpu : Intel core2quad q8400
Heat sink : Arctic cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2
PSU : cooler master 700Watt
Gfx : Evga gtx470
Case has plenty of active cooling

Temps No Oc
Idle : 40degrees ( min ) Load : 50-75degrees ( max seen 100 )

Temps OC @ 3400mhz
Idle : 43degrees ( min ) Load : 60-79Degrees

Temps PRE Cleaning
Idle : 28 Degrees Loaded : 45 degrees


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I don't know what the cause could be but I had a similar problem on an old Pentium 4 based system which ran constantly at above 70 degrees. So it's possible that it could just be age.

Did you ever fix this? If not try reseating the CPU and/or reassemble the computer from scratch.

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If you reseated the CPU cooler and applied new thermal pasted the best thing to do is run down this list.

1. Is the fan turning on your CPU cooler
2. Did you clean the CPU cooler to make sure the thermal paste had a clean surface to work with
3. Did you clean the fins on the CPU cooler to ensure good airflow
4. Do you have proper air flow into the case to keep the cooler supplied with fresh cold air

If each of these steps is followed and you still get high temps at boot up I would try this. Keep an eye on your overall temps, as long as they are not breaking 75c at idle (I know that is real high for idle) let the heat seat the thermal paste to your chip and cooler. 24 hours should be enough time to do this. After the 24 hours give your rig a rest for an hour or two and then start it up and see if your temps have dropped. If not then a full break down of your rig and reassemble is needed.

PS. Or you could just buy a new CPU cooler now and be done with it.

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did you make sure that it is the cpu that to hot, maybee it could be just the realtemp-meter, that is given you the false details.

I also had it, in my case, en it turned out that the cpu wasn't to warm, just that the indicator where wrong

Maybee it has something to do with the alcohol:$ i wouldn't use that in my system:$

Sorry for my bad Englisch:$

Greetz Justin