Best Water cooling loop

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I'm going to be water cooling my rig in an 800D, but I would like to know which order of the loop would be best.

Reservoir -> Pump -> 3x 470 Blocks -> 240 Rad -> North Bridge -> CPU -> 360 Rad -> Reservoir

or this

Reservoir -> Pump -> 240 Rad -> 3x 470 Blocks -> North Bridge -> CPU -> 360 Rad -> Reservoir

or is there a better way than this that I am not seeing.

Here is a picture of the setup I plan to do of the second setup, but for both all the parts will be in the same place.

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Well the second setup is complete rubbish. Your hot water from those 3 hot GPUs will run and heat your NB and then heat you CPU. I would probably go like:


Basically the 360 will cool the water after the hot nVidia GPU and then the 240 cools it down after the moderately hot CPU.

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This is how I have mine set up and my temps are running at 35oC at idle with an OC of 4.0Ghz

Res -> Pump -> CPU -> 240 RAD-> North Bridge -> 470SC -> 360 RAD -> RES

It might sound a little weird looking but my 240RAD has the in and out ports side by side, while my 360RAD has a in and out on opposite ends. This is why I can do my configuration.

Another way is this:

Res -> Pump -> CPU -> North Bridge -> 240/360RAD -> GPU's -> 240/360RAD -> RES
^This configuration will make things look much nicer imo, but might not get the very best cooling.

It really all depends on where you RES is located and how you have you RAD mounted. I modded my HAF932 and ended up taking out my 360RAD and now have just the 240RAD on the top, with this config.

RES -> Pump -> CPU -> NorthBridge -> 240RAD -> RES. (I took out the GPU waterblocks for now...)