Amd unlocking black edition CPU help

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Hi guys. I just received all of my new setup stuff asus M4A89GTD pro AMD phenom 550 black edition 3.1ghz some crappy ddr3 1333 stuff of the net I flicked the switch on the motherboard to unlock the CPU and that went fine, on bios logo it said 4 cores activated. But when I went into CPU-Z it said 2 cores and everything else was still dual core. Except for the clu name which said phenom x4 be. So is my CPU unlcockable? On YouTube and the net people could unlock the same CPU. But I can't with mine. Thanks

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Unlocking is hit or miss. Check your bios to see how many cores you have. Also got to run, then type msconfig-> boot -> advanced options -> number of processors-> use the drpo down and see if you have 4 cores in there. Select 4, click on ok then, the click apply. you will be prompted to reboot. Hope this helps.

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