AMD 3800+ Venice overclocking troubles

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Hello everyone, I'm having a few problems overclocking my 3800+ Venice. It is a socket 939 single core, with 2.4ghz stock speed.

So I started by putting my Core voltage to 1.525V, and my HT multiplier to 3x, and my core multiplier to x12. I than proceeded to bump up my CPU frequency up to 215 MHz, giving 2580 MHz in the core, a MHz overclock. this overclock ran fine in prime 95.

However, as soon as I bump up the CPU frequency to 216 MHz, prime95 will fail around 6 minutes. But according to this website ( a 2880 MHz overclock is possible, running at MHz core, with a x12 multiplier, at 1.5 volts.

I am at 1.5 volts, with an x12 multiplier, but I can't surpass MHz core, but other people get 240MHz core. What am I missing? I apologize for the lack of detail, overclocking is still very new to me. Thanks.


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Okay, the first thing to remember is that one man's chip does not equal the next. EVERY CHIP produced as a 3800+ (or more accurately 2.4Ghz SC) is guaranteed to perform AT THAT RATING. If you got a center die (referring to semiconductor manufacturing and image refraction on die manufacturing) you will often get chips that can overclock very well. If you got a near-edge part, it won't overclock well at all.

First question, what is the STOCK VOLTAGE on this part? I THINK it is 1.45V, which means your safe range is .14V, or 1.54V before you start to see major temp increases, and you want to be careful as AMD shows 65°C as the max safe temp for the Venice core.

There are times where a chip won't surpass a certain clock increase before it just starts producing crap calculations. When I first picked up my X2 6000+ Brisbane, the first chip wouldn't go over 210Mhz clock gen, but the second (I RMA'ed it for another as a "dead CPU") which I am still using hits 245Mhz at 1.65V without a problem. The only issue is I am still air cooling and it get's terribly hot, and I'm not bothering to watercool until the next upgrade.

Have fun, be safe! Sláinte!

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