We need more Ports Captain! We denna have any mooore!

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Hey guys, first time post long time fan of Rodney. Anyway, i've got a situation brewing here at home on my network. I've disabled wireless because I find it annoying to babysit the security settings and all that. So i've just got us all on ethernet right now. Problem is that i've got several machines I wnat to connect for networked storage.

My piddly little router only has 4 ports. I'm wondering if there's a way to daisy chain up more routers or if you guys know of a router our there with more than 5 ports. I say more than 5 because buying a new router for one more port is kind of stupid.

The only other option I know of is getting a multi port switch, but i'm not so sure those work the same as routers do. I still want each machine to be able to access the internet if need be, but still talk to each other on the network.

Thanks for having a look at this issue.

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If you use one of the ports on your router and run it to a network switch like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833156251 then you will get 10 ethernet ports that can be used for internet and file sharing (3 from the router and 7 from the switch). One thing to watch out for is what computers you have connected to the switch and the router. This is hard to explain without drawing it but I will do my best. Let's say computers 1, 2 and 3 are connected to the router and 4 through 10 are connected to the switch. If you do a lot of transferring between the computers 4 through 10 thats fine because they all have full bandwidth within the switch (gigabit speeds in this case) but when you go from any of computers 4 through 10 to computers 1 through 3 then they have limited bandwidth because its only going through one cable. For example if you have comp 4 talking to comp 1 at the same time that comp 5 is talking to comp 2 then they will each get half bandwidth. Also, if you want to enable wireless then all the computers on wireless can talk to any computers hooked up through the switch and the router. I hope this helps, I tried to explain it the best that I could without drawing a picture but if you don't understand I can draw you one.