neworking with splitters?

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So i have a router which i have to have upstairs, because the wlan connection isnt strong enough from downstairs, but the modem is downstairs, so u have a long cable running to my room and everybody is getting wifi and my desktop is getting a 12mb connection so im happy, but theere is still a computerdownstairs which is rarley turned on, if i were to run a splitter from the modem to that pc would my connection be slowed when the pc isn on, and would network magic pro be able to pick it up as a device even though it is connected before the router


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There are a few ways of going about this, you can use a Wireless Bridge which can be purchased through various channels. The other way is running a hard line if you can wall fish or run it along your baseboards, and crimp on some cat 5e ends or into a RJ45 jack.

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i havnt tried it yet but i think there are 2 options 1 it gets split equal to both pc's even when the second on isn't turned on or 2 you get the full wen the other on isn't using internet otherwise it will be got to bouth pc's and if they bouth need the full line it will get split equal