Need advice on the fastest wireless equipment compatible with Windows 7 64

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I've recently needed to create a wireless network after moving to a new area (previous house was fully wired with ethernet ports :( ). I set up my WRT54G upstairs and bought a WMP54G for my computer downstairs. Whenever I try to transfer files it maxes out at 1mb/s and thats just garbage. I had to remove the hard drive from upstairs to do a big move after formatting this computer and was getting 50-70mb/s directly connected.

Is there wireless equipment capable of these speeds? I see that mine is rated 10/100 but I only get will I get 10 if I get an N with 10/100/1000 ratings? I was thinking of switching to Netgear since it seems the best for windows 7 64bit.

I'm connected wirelessly with my ps3 and computer and my xbox 360 is connected to the computer with ICS on...this would be easier if the cable port behind my tv was usable by anything other than directv.

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Your network card and ore WRT54G is configured wrong.

Are you using default linksys firmware? Try DD-WRT firmware. Hands down KILLS linksys firmware.

I use it with my WRT54G

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