Need advice to buy a good NAS

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Hello 3DG Forum!

I'm soon going to buy a NAS for my home network.(For sharing files with people and stuff like that ofc.)

But i don't really have that much knowledge in the NAS section, i don't know what to go for, or what's the best and so on.
So i'd ask you guys if you know any good choices, before i go out and buy one and it's totally messed up.

Probably something like this one:
Maybe just another one if there's any better ones. :)

Hope to hear from somebody who knows about this stuff.

Thanks in advance!


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go look at a Synology nas

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I gave up NAS machines once I found FreeNAS. It is a heavily customizable FreeBSD system that can run headless (no monitor, keyboard, or mouse) via a very well designed web interface.

FreeNAS supports software RAID (0,1,5,6) with dynamic hotswapping features (with SATA drives on supporting controllers... not all SATA controllers can hotswap), plus it has a very stable ZFS file system as well (ZFS is a SunOS technology which functions somewhat like a Drobo machine, meaning RAID-like functions can be carried out on drives of different capacities).

It supports CIFS (Windows file sharing), AFP (MacOS), Linux, FTP serving, and more.

Building a box with a light ITX board with an Atom or AMD E series, 4Gb of RAM, and a hotswap cage is actually fairly cheap, and the resulting NAS can be customized to pretty much anything you want. I'm actually running it on an ANCIENT Athlon 700Mhz, 768Mb RAM, and USB 2.0 drives (the OS itself lives on a USB thumb drive), with a couple config changes to accommodate the low memory environment, and it is actually able to completely saturate a gigabit connection when I render videos (I use it as my off-PC large storage box). A dual-core 64-bit CPU (and the x64 version) and a bigger amount of memory really let it take off.

Check it out:

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A few names to look for: Netgear, Western Digital, Seagate, BUFFALO, Synology, IOmega, ZyXEL...

Rodney Reynolds,

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Thank you so much guys! :)

@eire1274 i'll take a look at it now, thanks for the great info! :D

@3dGameMan Thx, i'll have an eye out for those names. :)

Really appreciate it!