Lan to WLAN?

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Hi, me and my friends are going on a trip abroad in september and the hotel we have booked into doesn't have Wi Fi access but does have LAN Internet access in the rooms.

Would it be possible to take a pre configured WLAN access point and simply plug it into the LAN port and have access to Wi Fi internet?  This will be mainly used for Skype Internet calling.

If so is there any models that you can recommend that are cheap and small.



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i would say its possible

my favorite router brand has to be linksys, in my house it provides reliable, fast connections for up to about 8 wireless connections and 4 lan connections at the same time

the only problem i would have is figuring out wether to plug the wall socket into the lan hub or the modem port

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For all of your stuff, you're going to need to convert from that country's power to your own.  I recommend just getting a couple converters and a couple power strips to cut down on complexity.

Anyway, to answer your question:  Yes, all you need is a wireless router.  You will probably need to turn DHCP off on it, and that will be it.  Some routers also have settings for being a "gateway" (switch to the internet) or just a wireless hub (a connection to the LAN - what you want).

Another option will be - If you have any computer you don't mind leaving hooked up to the wired network, then you can set it up so that its wireless card will broadcast an ad hoc connection for other computers to connect to wirelessly to share the internet through..

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Couldn't have said it better than viperman. If you have a spare router around and its no problem taking it with you, go for that. If it's more convienient, you can share the ethernet connection through ad-hoc wifi.

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I don't see  problem with this, sure you can do it.

Good luck!

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whats the best cat cable