how to build a server pc

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how do i build a server on a network for a media pc

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So you have a HTPC now and want to build another PC and use it as a server?

Rodney Reynolds,

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yes i dont know how to bulid a server pc

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This might help:

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Servers are just PCs, but with specific parts. I often build normal systems and drop Windows Server, FreeBSD server, or various Linux server packages on them to fill in client needs, but for heavier systems you will often be looking at Xeon and Opteron CPUs and motherboards, ECC (error correcting code) memory, and specialized hard disks (SCSI or SAS [Serial attached SCSI]) which are made to handle being abused for long periods of time, beyond what is expected out of normal PCs.

If all you need is a media server, build a normal light PC (single or dual core processor, 2Gb memory), load it with big hard disks, and load FreeNAS onto it. It's a simple FreeBSD build with easy control and excellent software RAID management, and it doesn't need much overhead to run. Heck, I still have it on an ancient Athlon Classic 700Mhz with 512Mb, and it runs just fine on single drives (no RAID).

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