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I am using my media computer on my network to stream music and videos in my house so all the computers don't need to have full hard drives. the only problem it that even with the power and efficiency maximized it takes loads of energy! there are some programs i have tried but they don't have what i need. Any suggestions?

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Go into the power options and set it to "power saver". Other than that, the best thing to do would be to shut it down when you're not streaming at night or whenever you aren't using it.

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Gawd, I hate spammers...

Anyway, Windows sucks as a network server + workstation. Just isn't smooth. Throw FreeNAS on it (or on another "expired" rig) as it is based on FreeBSD and needs little hardware to function well. My media and backup server is currently (thanks to a blown Athlon XP board) running on an Athlon 700, 512Mb memory, a Gigabit card and a USB 2.0 card. Rocks.

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