College Apartment...need wireless solution

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My nephew is attending college, and though His apartment , which He shares with 3 others, has internet via wall jacks, there is no modem to attach a wireless router to. Is there a solution? He already bought a wireless router and called Me for help after the fact.


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Your nephew should be able to connect the Ethernet cable from the wall to the router and create the wireless network that way.

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For a managed network, ideally he can use a wireless access point, assuming the network provides IP addresses via a DHCP server. If they only provide a single fixed address per jack (which can happen) then things get a little more complicated, and a PC (Windows or Mac client, or Linux [SmoothWall]) could be set up as a go-between providing a local DHCP pool and acting as the go-between between the dorm network and the local wireless group.

Ask him to contact the local network admin and see what network type he is using. It will be easier to offer better advice if we know what we are looking at.

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If it is his own internet connection at his apartment, then the there wouldn't be a network admin. however, he can setup that wireless router by plugging it into a LAN port, but not the LAN port. Before you do that, plug your laptop in and make sure the network portion of the IP address is set the same, say like if it's a 192.168.1.X and that wireless router is on a 192.168.23.X (just an example). You would need to change the routers network portion to the same as your current network connection.'s picture
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I would suggest we connect the wall jack Lan connector to the router using a RJ45 standard network cable.
Then configure the wireless security in the Router control panel.
We can get to the router panel by typing at the internet browser or any similar numbers printed at the bottom label of the router.

From the router control panel, we can find the router name . eg, Dlink 1234.
Then we go to each computer that needs the wireless connection by double clicking on the router name 'Dlink1234', then type in the wireless password that we set above twice.
Also, please try different connection methods in the router panel such as , static IP or dynamic IP. seems there is no dialup needed, so we may skip the PPPOE configurations.

Save settings and exit.

Hope this helps.
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Hope this helps.

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There are 2 things he can do:

1. Connect the wall network cable to one of the LAN jacks of the router. That way he can use the wireless as an access point (he will have to set the right mode in the router).

2. The other way that works with those situations when only a single IP address is given to a single port, is to plug the wall jack into the WAN port of the router. The router manages the wireless and IP address allocation while the router treats the wall plug as a modem connection to the internet -- basically a private network within a public one.

Hope this helps


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