Thermaltake Kandalf + Corsair AX750

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hi, i have a old but beautiful case Thermaltake Kandalf VA9000B, i want to start a new build...first i want to now if this psu (Corsair Professional Series Gold AX750 )will fit inside the case.
The Psu will fit inside the case vertically and the psu cooler will blow inside.!!!Any problem with the cooling?!!!
Do i need to change the case or the psu?!!!

Help Pls.

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There could be a cooling problem. the way that case is set up, the psu would be drawing in already hot air from the inside of the case, and from what I've seen the cooling doesn't seem to great. Since that case is so old and I saw your other post about wanting an entirely new build, you could invest in a new case with better cooling.
You may be fine with it though, just a bit hig temnps

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I am in the same situation with my PSU in the Antec 1200. Since there is no space between the ground and the case for exhaust, I am forced to place the PSU fan side up. If you have adequate airflow inside the case and proper cooling it shouldn't be an issue.