Talk About Your Dream Case

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I've just started a poll in i'll just give the link here:

talk about your dream case

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my dream case is simply a cooler master HAF 932 blue edition with a top mounted triple 120mm radiator and a nice AM2/AM3 waterblock

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any full tower lian-li, corsair obsidian 800D, zalman GS1000 Plus, zalman Z-Machine LQ1000

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i meant talk about specs of your dream case

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full size ATX

bottom mount PSU

the full front bezel full of 120mm fans exactly like the antec 1200

hot swap drive cages

full side window

cable management so great that you cant see one cable

top cover has 3 120mm fans

interior gloss black with a little grain to it

mobo tray cutout for cpu cooler backplate

plenty of forward and upward space and wide enough for the biggest 120mm cooler

full tower

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Midtower ATX constructed from thick alu w/ sound proof mats

90• Mobo (Silverstone style)

fit 2 x30" video cards

cable management w/ gromets

back interior w/ white accents(pci slot covers, fan blades, plugs) and fully sleeved cables

antivibration mounts for HDD, fans, PSU and ODD

large intake fans at bottom w/ rad mounting options 

Basically a customized FT02.  


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If there is a component I'm picky about, it's the case.

If I could design a case, first of all it would have no front audio or firewire ports. Those ports are absolutely unnecessary since any good speaker system would have a headphone jack already, and firewire is pretty much obsolete thanks to USB. Instead, my case would have four USB 3.0 ports and two eSATA ports, and that's it, besides the typical power/reset buttons and HDD/power LEDs. It would also have a USB hub like the NZXT IU01 built into it to power multiple USB devices.

The case would be black outside and black inside, with a removable motherboard tray.

There would be six 5.25" drive bays, one 3.5" floppy bay and six HDD bays (all would come with SSD adapters) using the Cooler Master trays like the ones in the ATCS 840 and CM690 II. The cable management system would be like the Obsidian 800D, with as many holes and grommets on the holes. There would be a hole for the CPU retention plate, and the case would have ten expansion slots and support XL-ATX motherboards. The overall look of the case would be as close to the look of the ATCS 840 as possible, except taller of course.

The case would have a windowed left side panel that had a latch system like the one on the Antec Sonata series, and you would be able to mount two 120/140/180/200mm fans on the left side and the top, as well as two 120/140mm fans on the back and two 120/140mm fans on the front, and a 120/140mm fan in the bottom. The bottom and top would accomodate radiators for a watercooling system.

The case would accept all standard ATX or Antec CP power supplies (bottom-mounted), and would have ventilation underneath so the fan could face down. All fans would have air filters that could be removed without taking either side panel off (front panel would have a door to access the fan filters).

The back of the case would have an I/O shield plate, ten expansion slots and four holes at the top of the case for watercooling tubes.

All expansion slots and drive bays would be toolless. There would also be no large gaps above/below/to the right of the motherboard tray, so the cable management would have a clean look. There would be hooks for attaching cables on the back of the tray.

The case would accomodate full-length GPUs and the largest CPU heatsinks.

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