Project: X21

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“Project X21” Specifications:·
Custom Danger Den™ Tower 29 Chassis
Intel® i7 2600K Sandy Bridge processor water cooled and over-clocked
ASUS® Maximus IV Extreme-Z LGA 1155 Intel Z68 SATA E-ATX Intel Motherboard
G.SKILL© Ripjaws X Series 16GB 1600 RAM
2 Zotac® GeForce GTX 580 1536MB GDDR5 Video Cards in SLI water cooled and over-clocked
2 Corsair™ Force GT 120GB Solid State Drives in RAID 0
Corsair™ AX1200 Power Supply

Water cooling components:
Danger Den™ MC-TDX 1155 CPU water block
Danger Den™ GTX 580 video card water blocks
Danger Den™ Monsoon Reservoiro
Danger Den™ CPX-Pro 12V Pump
Hardware Labs Black Ice GTX 480 Radiator
5 Enermax 120mm Apollish Vegas Fans

Other Components:·
PLANAR™ 23" 2ms HDMI Widescreen 3D Vision LCD Monitor
NVIDIA® 3D Vision Glasses· Razar™ Blackwidow Keyboard
Cyborg® RAT 3 Mouse
Custom LED Lighting

Performance Enhancements:·
2600k overclocked from 3.4 Ghz to 5 Ghz & overvolted from 1.2v to 1.5v·
580’s overclocked from 772/1544 Mhz to 900/1800 Mhz & overvolted from 1.05v to 1.15v·
SATA III 6 GB/s Drives in RAID 0 running at 1 GB/s Read and 975 MB/s Write

“Project X21” Branded Features:·
Custom IT-designed casing with LED Lenser logos etched into the front and sides·
Red LED lighting and cooling systems·
Red and black custom-sleeved cables
Housing for three actual flashlights within the tower. When turned on they are pointed skyward through the etched top of the tower to project the LED Lenser logo on a trade show hall ceiling.
Custom screen saver with unique product photography·
Logo LED power button·
Iconic LED Lenser bezel holes replicated across the top of the tower frame


Click for high res or scroll down to see "low" res LENSER_GAM_MOD_VIDEOCARDS.jpg

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You might want to make the pictures a little bigger next time please.

:.: Intel i7 920 @ 3.8Ghz :.: 12GB Corsair XMS3 @ 1704Mhz :.: ASUS P6T V2 Deluxe :.: ASUS 5870EAH :.: 120GB Vertex 2 (OS) :.: 120GB OCZ Agility (Games) :.: 2x WD Black 2TB (Data) :.: Zalman 850w PSU :.: Lite-On Blu-Ray Burner :.: HP w2207h LCD :.:

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Sorry about that... fixed now. enjoy

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Wicked. Nice design. Are the flashlights powered by the PSU? If so, why isn't the large multi-LED light light?

Interesting meeting people from companies I like! I have an earlier rebranded LED Lenser flashlight that I purchased in 2001 that is still running strong. In fact, I only released it when I had to replace the LED module due to an unexpected burnout (under warranty, right after I bought it) and they sent me the item in your packaging! I'm trying to remember the name, but, as usual, my boys have "borrowed" it to blind each other with it.

Have fun, be safe! Sláinte!

Nick McDermott - 3dGM Admin & SpamKiller

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no they are not powered by the PSU, it was a thought but I didn't think it would be worth it.

The X21(the big multi-LED flash light) is to powerful and when turned on it floods out the case

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Me gusta u'r rig!

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Wow, amazing job bud :)

Rodney Reynolds,

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Thanks... it was a really fun project and I am currently ordering some parts and will be doing some little things to it.

It will be @ PDXLAN in February.