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Ok so here is a mod I did for my girlfriend (Nikki). She plays BFBC2 and CSS with me from time to time and he old comp sucked A**, so I did one up for her. Since she loves the color purple I thought I could do up a computer and have everything, but the hardware, be purple. As you guys might have seen I do a full custom job from the paint - hardware.

Enjoy, I know I do :D

Here is her hardware:
GPU: HIS 5870 2nd Gen
CPU: Core i7 2.66ghz
PSU: Antec 750watt
RAM: 6gbs Gddr3
CASE: FrozenCPU custom case from 3 years ago

Here are the pictures Enjoy:

I did all the cutouts, u-channel molding, painting, and plexi glass. The person you see is my grandfather, he was just making sure things were clean for paint to stick....he likes to triple check :P

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I like the gold flake with the purple

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#1 get them wires sleeved. everything looks good dressed up.

#2 Change out that ugly and terrible stock Intel cooler, they are good for stock, but who wants that? overclock time.

I really like the window and the top mods, good form. try to hide as many of the wires as you can, will be difficult, but the finished product should look good.

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