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Hi guys!

I'm Furioushamster. I live in Holland and this is my first actual post about my first casemod that will be featured in a Project Log. Now i'm very exited about this because i've been planning this for a couple of months. From drawing in blocnotes at school, to a full sketchup. Now understand, i'm not that experienced in casemodding yet. Though i did a couple of window's, sawed out a blow hole or giving some PC a nice new paintjob.

Now what's in a name? Monolith literally means: "Lonely Rock". Now my casemod won't have anything to do with rocks, or evil Stalkers from STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, the point of this name is this: simple. A monolith rock doesn't grow tree's, instead; it's all clean and clear.

This is Uluru, or Ayers Rock in Australia

So the plan was to make a solid and simple, yet good looking casemod. My case is based on a Case from wich i don't know the name of. Since i've worked on the sketchup a while, the sketches are abit old, and not what i want anymore. Though they'll give you an idea of what i'm building.

A couple of things are changed, like the window. And maybe i'll change the whole Green-Theme to blue instead. The watercooling isn't that accurate either, there will be a TDX instead of this one.

Time to meet the victim! :banana

The old window design is still drawn on it

My mainrig will take place in Monolith, wich is quite a nice rig for my purpose. Nothing fancy, but it does the job perfectly!

- Asus P5W DH Deluxe
- Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
- Asus EAH2900XT
- 1GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800
- 160GB WD Caviar SE
- Tagan TG800-U33 800W PSU (Upgrade from the old Type-R, still has to come)
- Creative SB Audigy 4

Time to begin surgury!
First things first. I needed to get some materials for making some coverplates and fanbrackets, so the - ahem - first thing to do was to get a sheet of aluminum. With the dimensions of 100X50 CM and 1MM in thickness.

I needed to know what I needed to saw, so i made some paper versions.

Time to get the scissors!

So all the paper is basically Aluminum.. Oh no! It's just paper :Nope

I first wanted to make the front intake right. The past owner of this case tried it himself, but failed very badly

Time for the fanbracket itself. This will be made from 1MM alu:

So here it's already fitted with an LED Fan. I forgot to take pictures of the sawing and stuff, sorry 'bout that! :sigh:

Oh, this Project Log is also viewable at:

CaseJunkies, a Dutch casemodding website with a nice forum. :)

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First up: 5,25"+PSU Stealth

Yay, done with the sawing, the only thing for me to do next is...


That fits pretty neat!:D

I figured that I could make some room inside the case by shortening the MoboTray, so that's what I did!

As I said, i'll get a new floorplate:

It covers up all the stupid holes and stuff, maybe it's temporarilly. Maybe it'll stay

So this is the new window design. A bit smaller, hopefully a bit better :D

And finally: some pics how the case looks like:

This is how it was

And this is how it is right now!

So that's the first update than, hope you like it ;)

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looking good there keep it up! like the refference pic really hopping to see that being the result good luck!