Project: Green Zone (Silverstone SG05)

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so i havnt thought of a project name, im sure ill think of something randomly

anyway, my Silverstone SG05 arrived today after being shipped to the wrong town...ugghh
Im going to be using this case as a LAN rig, so it has to be pretty cool

Heres some pics of the stock case, forgive the poor photo quality, i have a new camera coming in a week or two

now lets pop that cover off, it came with 4 screws to hold the cover on the back, that was the first thing to be changed, nice big easy to grip thumbscrews

what ive planned to do so far is paint the inside black (im sorry originality police) and the top cover green, then to break up the green on the cover ill paint the vents black and ill be putting a window into the right side
now the hard thing... i want to watercool in this case... and not using a corsair h50 if i can help it

im thinking of getting rid of the optical drive bay and building a bracket to hold the rad up there, ive got to draw it out and see what it'd look like, but im sure thats where its going to go

Hardware ill be using..
DFI P55-T36 mini itx board
Intel I3 540
4gb OCZ DDR3 1600mhz ram (brand may vary, depends what i find when i go to buy it)
ATI HD5670
320gb Western Digital Scorpio Black hdd

not sure on what watercooling bits yet, have to d some measuring first

so far, ive only stripped the case down and started sleeving the PSU, my back is playing up so i cant do a heap atm, but ill do what i can and keep yous up to date

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as mentioned i started by sleeving my PSU, i know its not the typical singled sleeved all the way to the unit type job, but i find that tacky and rather useless, my theory is sleeving your psu is cut down on cable clutter to improve airflow and single sleeving every wire just defeats that, so i only singled sleeved small bits of the cables

as you can see there wernt too many cables to sleeve

a little ways in i needed a break so i stopped at half way through the 20+4pin ATX plug

and then after a break i decided to jump back into it, here is the 20+4pin, P4 and 6pin PCI-E plugs

and the unit fully sleeved, i might change the plugs to black, but i have to order them from performancepcs first

all up took me about 8hrs and 3 movies
i like the results so far, but knowing me... ill probably change something

as for the psu unit itself, ill be probably painting that black, cutting out that fan grill and replacing it with either a chrome wire grill or if i can find something cool another grill

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well i decided on a name, i admit its not the greatest, but it should be named, if anyone has any other suggestions, let me know
ive gone with Green Zone, which will do for now

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Nice sleeving, a nice break from those black and red sleevings :P
Maybe call it Green Hornet and make it shoot rockets :)

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Did you make that Power Supply modular? Because if so that is pretty sweet. I wish i had the courage to do what you did there. Very sweet dude.