Operation Thermaltake Level 10

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Well after buying Thermaltake Level 10 for my birthday ..I choose to change the color for something different so this is what i want for black & white with some red in it also made a 3d design so then you get a idea what it will look like..


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Its an amazing looking case already. Cant wait to see what you bring out of it.

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Personally. I suggest you do all black/white; white/red. The red doesn't fit with the black/white design and if you do the white/red, it'll have a nice color tone and can really stand out in a room. It has that 'Mirror's Edge' look to it with white/red and would go that route. Though how you have the separate compartments colored, if you could possibly change the LED strip from red to white, it would be pretty neat. Just my $.02

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Yeah the Mirror's Edge theme would be nice with a little bit of orange in there, can't wait to see it completed :)