NZXT Phantom Black/Orange

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hello every one! I will buy the NZXT Phantom Special Edition Black/Orange case, and i just wanted to ask. Is the fans orange led, would i have to buy and install them my self? and how much space is there from the back case plate to the motherboard tray to hide cabels within?

I want this case so bad because it looks like something out of tron, wich i would love to have my pc look like.

anyway thanks for viewing, commenting!
Regards Consus.

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NZXT Phantom is a great case. Mine is great. Through all of the mods and and things I have done to it, I cant say anything bad about the case. wire management is a breeze. take your time and it ends up great.



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Very nice :D I just received the Phantom from the Giveaway contest. I have to say that the design is so much better than any previous case I've worked with. I have to agree that cable management is very good, usually cables are sticking out everywhere and the build doesn't look clean unless you do a lot of work. This case didn't require as much work and it looks extremely clean except for the back side of the case which is expected. I'll make a post later on with pictures and make a little review of it.

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Holy balls that is nice.

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Looks awesome!