MeGotRice's Case Painting

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Hey guys, first post on the 3GM forums; thought I'd open up with a new thread.

Here is this case I bought last year [CASE]

I didn't expect much from it, just a case to put my gear in.

As the time passed, I've moved on to the Thermal Take Armor

My sister has always been jumping on my computer and playing Team Fortress 2 and what not; she usually craps my rankings and what not up. So I thought it'd be nice to make a computer for her.

I then took out my old Modtek case and decided to give it a paint job.

[You can watch me do the entire mod on YouTube [HERE]

Many people have told me the 'brushed' black looks bad, but I like it; it's different from all the other generic black cases that I usually see.

So hopefully you guys will like it; her computer will be done in a few days.

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Hmm not my style but w.e

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good job rice looks like u sanded it down too soo i suggest washing it or give it a nice wet sand but overall look great and personally i love panting the chassies of a case i hate the plain silver look good job on being creative!