Looking to change LED's

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I have a Tempest case and I was looking to change the blue LED's in the front to red ones, and the HDD activity light to white. I know nothing about LED's or know how to change them. Can someone point me in the right direction on what LED's I would need and what I need to do to connect them?

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hmm kingmaddog im not to familiar with this case but if the leds can disconnect which most cases thats all u need to do by hand. But i am not familiar with this case myself. but if u have wires that u conenct t the motherboard that says hddled or front panel leds w.e the case then its a simple fix get a different led colour with the wires and connector and attach to the board and glue in to the slot where the old led was. with fans chances are u need to sodler new lights which will require a solder gun and some experience. If you do not trust yourself with somthing like this i suggest buying different colour led fans or what not. this may also be the case with the front panel leds as well. i have included a begginers guide to sodlering leds to circuit boards for your convience!:)



i hope this has helped you:)