Black painted HAF 932 - videos of project

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Anyways I tore this HAF 932 down to the bare metal, primered, painted, and clear coated it. I think it came out very nice and am pretty damn proud of it. The specs are in my signature. Made 25K+ on 3dmark06!! Check out my youtube channel to see the videos of me making it.

Rate my vids too :D

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Your cable management is good, and it's looking great.

I'll be sure to check out (and rate) your videos when I get back from class. (;

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Great mod. Are your fans for the push/pull config on the h50 rated for the same cfm? If not, make sure you eventually have a matching set.

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Thanks guys I appreciate the feedback. I had the H50 set up right and it just didn't produce what I needed. Still is a great product. Anyways I put my V10 back on and it is spanking the h50 pretty hard in cooling numbers.

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good work! (easy with that case :D)

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that is clean! great cable management

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The HAF is a great case all in all, but my personal complait about it is that it doesn't include any dust filters.


Anyways, I'm happy with my Cosmos S. Best case I've ever owned and hard to beat.

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Pretty cool!