Antec 900 cable managment mod. Done on budget with limited tools check it out.

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I was really sick of looking at cable mess and didn't want to spend $100+ to fix it. Luckily I wasn't saving the world from total destruction and I already had a power drill and decided to see how much it would cost me to make my Antec900 prettier and more up to date. This project was done with the idea of keeping cost at a minimum because once I past $50 I would much rather buy a new case. I know some of it may look cheesy but please keep in mind the limited tools I had when I did this.

Power drill
A dash of crazy

2 inch drill metal cutting circular drill bit $20
Electrical tape - $1
Metal file - $6
Tin snips (almost made it without these I will explain) - $8

My goal was to make a total of 5 holes with this one drill bit. 1 processor back plate access, 1 hole on for psu (the stock case does not make enough clearance for the psu to breath and has no holes), and 3 holes for cable management. I ran into needing tin snips when the center guide drill on my metal drill bit snapped, bending the metal in such a way I would have had to drill too much behind it to get the bent up metal off. I filed the sharp edges down with the metal file and then lined the holes with electrical tape. The tape doesn't look ultra pretty put I pressed and ran my finger across it without cutting me self so YAY electrical tape. Here are some b4, project progression, and outcome pictures.

As you can see the cables are neat and organized now and my psu is right side up. And yes, you need to strip your case down before you cut or drill. I am probably going to get an extension for the 8pin mother board cable you may have noticed running from the mobo to the back of the case and along the top of the psu. Damn thing wasn't long enough to reach any of my cable management holes. Most important part of this post.....the Decepticons sticker in the last slide.

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very good idea you had there drake2231 the cable management holes seemed to have worked great for you and makes the inside of the case look great. good job!