Answers&Advice Needed: Proposed Build<$1000 for Photography/Video Editing/Casual Gaming

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Hello all....Will cut right down to the chase:

Intro: I'm a photographer/video editor/casual gamer/casual computer hardware enthusiast

Software Needs: Gonna be running full versions of Photoshop CS5,Lightroom 3, Premiere, as far as games go: I prefer MMOs and strategy games(don't do much FPS cause i get motion sickness...geeky i know)

My Goal with this Build: My ultimate goal is to multi task-the hell out of programs: I would like to be able to edit video/photos/have MMO's running/and play some redundant online poker(Hey! who doesn't like making money while rendering?!) while not sacrificing performance and having full upgradability for the next 3-5 years all at a cost of <1000$ initial startup build budget.

Components that matter to me most (listed from most important to least important)

1. Motherboard-I need a motherboard that has all the features and knick knacks that i will need to connect/run/upgrade an ever changing media market for the next 3-5 years.

2. CPU-I need a CPU that will be able to handle multi tasking not just now but in the years to come.

2. PSU-I rank the power supply tied with CPU cause I believe that many hardware and software trouble shooting questions can be linked to a subpar PSU

3. Graphics Card-Much like the CPU I need a Videosetup that will not only be able to handle multi tasking programs now-but also in the years to come

4. Case-I need a case that will upgrade with me in the following years-as well as great initial cooling setup...I could care less about looks rather I switch my focus to functionality.

5. Memory-Gonna Need above average DDR3

6. Hard Drive-Least of my concerns for the initial build simply cause I plan to add SSD's in a few months.

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My Proposed Build:

Motherboard: Asus Crosshair IV Formula: Socket AM3, AMD 890FX
CPU: PhenomIIx6 Black Edition 1090t Thuban 3.2
PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro M 850w
Graphics: Radeon 6870HD (1)
HD: Western Digital Caviar Black (WD1002FAEX) 1TB, SATA
6.0 gb/s, 7200rpm, 64mb cache
Memory: Patriot Viper Xtreme Series Division 2
(DDR3 1866MHZ 8GB,2X4 PC3-1500 9-11-9-27)

My Questions about each:

Motherboard: I'm pretty positive this is the MOBO I want to start out with. Has everything I need, I know I can upgrade components piece by piece in the years to come, and I trust the ASUS name with my previous build. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated though.

CPU: I went with the B.E PhenIIx6 1090T mainly because I want to dabble with OC'ng. I'm by no means an expert but rather a casual puter hardware enthusiast and this would be my first attempt in
doing so. My build research has led me to believe that this CPU paired with the Crosshair IV would make this process virtually painless and mistake free.
My questions: Is this the right CPU for my needs? Will it be able to handle the multi tasking that I ask of it not only now but in the years to come? Do I even need a Hexacore for my needs or would a quadcore suffice thus saving money??

PSU: Figured I would need a PSU that would not only be handle my current power needs but also future power needs which is why I went with the Modular 850W Silent Pro 80+.
My questions: Should I consider another brand/model that may have an even better bang for buck? Should I consider 1000w+ for future power needs such as running a 2nd graphics card? Or will the 850w suffice?

GCard: From my build research it appears that the Radeon HD6870 1GB is the best bang for my buck card that I can currently invest in. I love the Eyefinity idea of possibly chain linking screens which I think is very useful for my multi tasking needs. And being able to upgrade later to a 2nd one only excites me more.
My questions: Is this card the best bang for your buck card setup that i could currently invest in for my current needs? Would I be better off in investing in an older 2gb single card? Or will a future 6870 1GB addition suffice for future digital media say 4-5 years down the road? Or should i consider a 6900 series instead?

Memory: I know I need fast DDR3 memory and I believe 8GB would work decently for my current needs.
My questions: Is 1866mhz an appropriate speed for my needs? Could I save money with say a 1333mhz without sacrificing much performance? Do I need more then 1866 for when I dabble with OC'ng? Is there a HUGE difference in brands?

Case: Wanted a mid case with good cable management, great airflow, and enough room to upgrade for future improvements such as water cooling, etc. The HADES seem to fit the bill in all of these categories. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Hard Drive: My first future upgrade to this proposed build will be SSD's setup in RAID. For now I believe this 1TB 7.2k rpm, 6.0GB/s, 64mb cache will do for starters. Once I upgrade to run my hardcore media software on the SSD's the 1tb rotary will do nicely for media storage. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Final Thoughts:

If you have read this far I thank you for your patience and help. As stated before I'm only a casual computer hardware enthusiast. I've only built one system previously back in 2006 and look forward to this build and finaly dabbling around with OC'ng. I'm not much of a spender which is why I wanted to keep this build right around the $1000 +/- $150 range but i did want to ensure quality multimedia and multi tasking performance and leave room for single purchase upgrades in order to stay on top of an ever changing digital media technology market. I look forward to the experts' feedback and thank you again for your patience with this post.