Razerview: A.C. Ryan Playon! HD

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Hello :)

first off all i'm new here.

I'm Patrick , 21 years old and i live in Belgium

from about a year ago i started to write and make reviews.

now i write my reviews in Dutch , so i got a google translation link for the review.

pleas read it and give me your oppion about the review :)


thanks :)

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Hey Patrick, Excellent written review.

I've been testing this product for nice while now and I really like it. Should have a video review up next month or so. There are also all kind of hacks and stuff out there for it.

Rodney Reynolds,
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Thanks 3dgamerman :)

it is indeed a fine working product :)
thanks to the firmware updates, it really helps alot .

i'm @ the moment working on my owne website and forum:
www.razerview.be & www.razerview.be/forum
( still working on these ) , i'm online make them in Dutch ( because English is hard to writte to me )

thanks for the comments again :)