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Hey guys, Im doing a review for FrozenCPU which the website is located at is... a modding supplier of all sorts, here in the NY area, still a bit too far for me to drive to though (2 hrs) sadly haha.

I received a Sample of their DIY snap in cables so for those who don't want to deal with things like the heat shrink, and cutting of materials, ect. but want to still feel the joy of some modding, these would be Perfect.

Today I will be reviewing a 8pin Motherboard extension cable.

Here was the package Contents... Which had 4xWhite and 4xBlue cables Pre-Sleeved which is the Sleeving + Heatshrink.

As well as 1x Male and 1xFemale 8-pin EPS 12v p8 Power Connector if I am Correct.

Next... Im going to show you the Male and Female connectors insides just to show you how simple it is.
and matching the correct ends with each other. Giving you the Modding feeling cause you have to do it correctly which is not hard one bit that even a beginner like me can.

Now im showing you how well done these cables were, and how you can not even see anything through them because of the tightness of the sleeves they put on, which is like a Nylon IMO that is triple threaded it seems per overlap if you see what I mean.

I wanted to test what the cables would do when bent because Ive seen people complain about cables not being tight enough so when bending occurs to hide anything, they can see through the cables sleeve and see the wires...

Well this was not the case =)

These are VERY tight and I love that it was not showing any signs of loosening when done.

After I was done with taking pictures and showing people everything, I got right into snapping the cables in and thats all It was as they say it is...
Very easy, no problems, well there was one but it might of just been a shipping problem, I had to pull the sides of the locking mechanism of the wires out just a SMIDGE on 3 sides total, not 3 cables completely, just 3 parts of 3 seperate cables total was needed to be done.

Here we have the Cable I was sent for a sample from FrozenCPU completed.

I must say its quite nice =)

I also had my Haf X from Coolermaster cable laying around that came with the case to compare it to, seeing that its a inch or so more shorter then the Haf X cable Im glad because there was just too much cable for only a few inches needed for shorter cabled power supplies and makes closing the back sometimes a pain.|

DONT MIND THE DUST! I clean it out every month, just not time yet haha, as my computer is also right near the front door so my computer is pretty dusty even with filters.

But... Heres the cable Installed as a closeup and I must say I love how it looks even though I have a bit of Orange in there from the Cougar fans.

Atleast my Memory matches?

Its just a shame that gigabyte put the connector vertical instead of horizontal for the 8pin motherboard connector.

Overall I really liked the the overall Quality of this, the Ease to the customer, and the fun of Modding, but without doing all the hard work.

Honestly when I do anything more, FrozenCPU will Definitely have me as a Customer.

I would rate this as a MUST Have for those looking to make your computer a bit more Dazzling or Pretty, or just need a cable Extension.

I had Fun with Ease of use, and just Overall Amazing Quality of this Product.