ASUS Xonar Essence ST

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I bought this card while building my cousin's computer from spare parts. He's a musician and is going to into recording so I figured a really nice sound card would work. What's weird is that I did not find many reviews on this product from people seeing as dedicated sound cards are overlooked, but I can say without a doubt the performance was extremely different to the ear.

It turned any cheap headset into a full surround sound experience.

"I was surrounded by the music, it literally felt like you were blasting the surround sound and I was listening to both the headset and the speakers blasting in my ears, I'm shocked." Quote a friend of mine who tested it.

In gaming I could hear people breath, snarl, spit and drool. NO ONE could sneak up on me in fps, the moment I heard something I can directly look at them without a problem.

No matter how loud you put it there is no static, the functions and software it comes with is just perfect. Also the transistors are made of gold and even can replaced as easy as removing a thumbscrew if you ever want to replace old transistors.

It uses a studio gold plated stereo adaptar for your Headset and mic, but does not support 5.1 surround. (Converters are not hard to find)

The only downside was that I overclocked my PC and everytime I would only hear a high pitch white noise (Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep) on the speakers. So I had to put my i7 920 to default 2.66 clock speeds while using it.

Overall I feel that this product is outstanding for Musician and HTPC enthusiast but not to gamers and overclockers.

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I got stx version which basicaly same but using pci-e slot and sound quality is a bit worse. Have no sound problem while oc 920 & gc